Niam Niam

Homemade, fresh, tasty Chinese food in city centre Ljubljana

We have stir fry rice noodles, fried rice, stir fry udon noodles, steamed shrimp dumpling, steamed pork dumpling, beef mongolian, beef in hot soup etc.
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We are the same family from Chinese garden restaurant

Niam Niam is a branch of the famous Chinese Garden Restaurant ”Kitajski Vrt Restavracija” . The newly opened bistro in the center offers great Chinese and Cantonese dishes.

In city centre Ljubljana, only 200 metres walk from Prešeren square, you can get all the fresh, tasty Chinese Cantonese way cooking dishes such as Cantonese Dimsum baozi, shrimp dumpling, pork dumpling, stir fry udon noodles, fried rice, stir fry rice noodles, beef in hot soup, etc.

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Nazorjeva Ulica 3

Ljubljana, Slovenia